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Every now and then a generation is called upon to be great;
You can be that great generation,"

Nelson Mandela

Africa's youth account for


of the continent's population.

Africa's youth account for 75% of the continent's population. Today, there are over 200 million youths aged between 15-24 and this figure is likely to double by 2045; creating the fastest growing labor force in the world. This growing "youth buldge" could explode into rampant unemployment, increased vulnerability, and crime, if the youth are not provided the right opportunities to channel their potential into productive economic, social, and leadership activities.



As such, raising Africa's next generation of leaders has never been more important to address the social, economic, and political challenges facing our continent. It is imperative to carefully identify and cultivate the talented young leaders of Africa; providing them with the educational and leadership skills to help Africa realize its enormous potential and bring prosperity to our people.

Cultivating these young leaders begins with identifying highly talented and gifted individuals who are passionate about transformation and making a difference in the world. Through initiatives such as the Higherlife Foundation I am committed to investing in the future of the youth through education – with a goal to educate 2 million academically gifted students by 2020.


Our mentoring partnership with Yale University will help develop highly skilled African talent, along with providing 900 students with the opportunity to study at top American universities. Our revolutionary digital learning platform “Ruziwo” provides a first of a kind online platform for primary and secondary school students in Zimbabwe. “Muzinda Hub” – a tech entrepreneurial hub is currently providing jobs and skills development to over 1 000 local Zimbabweans.

Across all these initiatives, philanthropic activities, and more; my goal is to develop the next generation of value-based African leadership who can make a lasting difference to Africa and its people. The time is now to invest in our youth and secure a sustainable future.

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