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"African woman, we are capable of anything.
We just need someone to believe in us"

African women provide


of all agricultural labour


of all food on the Afican continent

Women represent the cornerstone of African development, and according to estimates provide 70% of all agricultural labour and 90% of all food on the African continent. However, girls and women still endure a relatively low status in African society due to insufficient access to key resources such as healthcare, education (62 million girls worldwide are currently not in school), and employment. And while in recent times, some progress has been made towards uplifting women’s lives in Africa, many are still burdened by social, cultural, and economic issues.



For example, the International LabourOrganisation Global Report (2015) reports that only 5% of the world’s largest organisations have women CEO's, Zimbabwe's share of women managers is 26%, Rwanda's is 34%, and USA's is 42.7%. Men today still hold a majority of the privileged positions, due to their traditional role as breadwinners, which makes society perceive them as suitable for decision making positions outside the home.

My primarily goal is to empower the girl child. This involves educating the girl child and providing opportunities for them to blossom into independent and confident women who will be role models for other women in their communities. When we support the growth and development of women and girls, we raise the quality of life for everyone; as women not only lead businesses, but they fight for their children, their communities, and the general wellbeing of all humankind.


Through the Higherlife Foundation, we have prioritized gender related initiatives that aim to; educate the girl child, promote the development of female leadership, and actively campaign against all forms of gender based violence. Econet has also created a platform "African Lioness" – which recognizes women doing extraordinary things on the African continent, and celebrates their achievements.

I am committed to investing in the education and upliftment of millions of girls and women, who I hope can make a lasting difference for Africa and inspire other women on the continent. It's time for us as women to fulfill our vast potential.

I am committed to investing in the education and upliftment of
millions of girls and women"

Tsitsi Masiyiwa


Tsitsi Masiyiwa’s work has been featured in a number of international blogs and publications.

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