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Tsitsi Masiyiwa

Social entrepreneurship is a practice that still requires support, nurturing, and, cultivation to deliver real social value to Africa's marginalized communities.

Therefore, it is critical that social entrepreneurs are not only given the time and skills to develop innovative solutions, but the financial assistance to help tackle the various social, political, and economic issues that plague our continent today.

I strongly believe that the generosity of Africa's next generation of leaders is critical in mobilizing social entrepreneurs; providing them with the relevant financial resources to tackle the causes they're passionate about, whilst also helping them to create a better society.

Through my grant, I aim to provide financial assistance to social entrepreneurs who can make a long-lasting social impact within African societies. My commitment is to provide strategic grants to social entrepreneurs (ranging from $500 - $10,000 in unrestricted capital. Only in exceptional circumstances will we consider grants over $10,000) who are committed to building sustainable solutions that elevate humankind, eradicate poverty, and empower women and girls. I also hope to provide social entrepreneurs with the relevant guidance and support, inspiring them to tackle the world's social problems with innovative and pioneering solutions.


In order for us to assist social entrepreneurs in delivering tangible social benefits, we are looking
for individuals that can demonstrate critical leadership skills and prove themselves to be outstanding leaders.

Below are the three major priorities we look for when considering a request for funding a social
entrepreneurship project:


We want social entrepreneurs that challenge the traditional way of solving problems.

It is imperative that we challenge the status quo and promote innovation that is unique, relevant and significant in solving the problems that Africa faces.


In order for us to assist social entrepreneurs in delivering tangible social benefits, we are looking for individuals that can demonstrate critical leadership skills and prove themselves to be outstanding leaders.

I believe all social entrepreneurs must be committed to a particular vision, and in most cases unite a team that works towards solving a critical issue. The ability to lead a team and work towards an idea is a key skill for any social entrepreneur we invest in.


We are committed to working with social entrepreneurs who can deliver long-lasting, impactful answers to Africa's problems.

We want to work with social entrepreneurs who have the ability to set benchmarks and track the impact their solutions are having in a community. However, at the same time, we are interesting in supporting brilliant entrepreneurship and ideas that can't be easily measured, but have the potential for tremendous social impact.

My ultimate goal for investing in local social entrepreneurship, is to provide financial assistance and guidance

To help entrepreneurs build solutions towards effectively tackling Africa's pressing issues. If your idea or solution can help solve a critical social problem, get in touch, and see if you qualify for financial assistance to turn your solution into a real social initiative.

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GIRLIGNITE Africa Academy is a registered Non-Profit Company that runs “BEYOND THE CLASSROOM”, a 21st century empowerment programme that teaches Servant Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Maths to high school girls from low income communities in Johannesburg. Founded in 2013/4 by social entrepreneur Ms LeratoMotsamai, thier mission seeks to enhance the economic productivity of the African girl child by improving her business, academic and life skills.

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Education Matters matches talent with opportunity. We believe that youth hold the keys to the future, and we are here to help motivated students realize their dreams through education.

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The event is a solely student-led initiative that convenes ~500 delegates and ~60 speakers on an annual basis. The upcoming conference will take place on 20 and 21 May 2016 and the theme will be "Challenging Narratives: Governance, Youth Leadership, and Business in Africa". It is aimed at providing a vibrant platform for new thinking about an international Africa across all disciplines – politics, business, arts, technology and academia – connecting inter-generational leaders from around the world to shape an integrated and innovative perspective on African issues.

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Tsitsi Masiyiwa’s work has been featured in a number of international blogs and publications.

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