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...all the girls developed important skills, such
as self-reliance and problem solving...

GIRLIGNITE Africa Academy is a registered Non-Profit Company that runs “BEYOND THE CLASSROOM”, a 21st century empowerment programme that teaches Servant Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Maths to high school girls from low income communities in Johannesburg. Founded in 2013/4 by social entrepreneur Ms LeratoMotsamai, thier mission seeks to enhance the economic productivity of the African girl child by improving her business, academic and life skills.

GIRLIGNITE Africa Summit (GIA Summit)

The GIRLIGNITE Africa Summit (GIA Summit) is an extension of GIRLIGNITE Africa Academy’s “BEYOND THE CLASSROOM” Programme, seeks to create a vibrant community that challenges today’s girl child, encouraging her out of her comfort zone into taking responsibility of their destiny.

Now in it’s 2nd year running, the Christian-faith GIA Summit is a place where girl children from all walks of life come together to encourage one another, help each other grow and hold each other accountable, as they find purpose and address the issues facing their generation together.

The girls work in teams in the development of a business or product idea that improves lives. They learn about entrepreneurship by “being the entrepreneur” and applying tools and techniques learned in lectures to the development of their own idea. The GIA Summit is building the entrepreneurial experience we wished existed in high school, one where its founders love coming to build every day and are passionate about their work.



With Higherlife Foundation's sponsorship the "The GIRLIGNITE Africa Summit" was able to increase participants from 45 girls in 2015 to 92 girls at this year’s 2016 GIA Summit. The girls came came from all over Johannesburg, with the youngest of them being 12 and the oldest, a 1st year University student.

Under the instruction and mentorship of social entrepreneurs and business leaders, the GIA Summit’s 2016 theme “DO WELL BY DOING GOOD” exposed the girls to the topics of entrepreneurship, globalization, team building, project management, leadership and working within a culturally diverse environment and to ignite the students’ spirit of creativity and innovation as they learn and work collaboratively to:

  1. Develop and present a business plan;
  2. Gain exposure to the process for developing product and service concepts;
  3. Learn financial and marketing basics,
  4. Strengthen their problem-solving and innovation skills.

The high-quality GIA Summit for girls only enabled them to have a safe space to examine various topics covered in the focus areas above, as well acquire skills, or social projects that interested them deeply but may not be clearly linked to the school curriculum, such as starting their social enterprises and pitching their ideas, and making Jesus the centre of their lives.

Many of the girls came from different backgrounds, yet all developed important skills, such as self-reliance and problem solving, while interacting with natural surroundings and enjoying fun activities, such as swimming, hiking, and zip-lining. Many gave their lives to Jesus during our early morning prayer circles, and others renewed their existing relationship with God.




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