Higherlife Foundation holds thanks giving at Bumhudzo home of the elderly






Higherlife Foundation holds thanks giving at Bumhudzo home of the elderly

On Friday the 28th of October 2016, the Higherlife foundation team had its monthly thanks-giving at Bumhudzo Home of the elderly and Hospital in Chitungwiza. “A time filled with happiness” is how the day can be described. The Higherlife Foundation team helped the elderly with cleaning the Home and prepared a heartfelt home-made lunch which was enjoyed by the homes beneficiaries.

Major G. Jochore gave an insight of when the Home was established, their source of survival, and the challenges they are facing. “Bumhudzo old people’s home was established in 1980 under the influence of the Salvation Army church. Maximum number of people at this home were recruited through social welfare. The home so far has accommodated people from Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe – from all provinces. There is no communication barrier since they all understand Shona. The home comprises of one professional nurse, 13-15 nurse aids and five permanent workers. According to the Major Jochore, Bumhudzo is funded by donations, social welfare and the church. Since this home emerged from a Christian background they have a daily prayer services every morning”, said Major Jochore. The elderly residents were delighted and felt honoured as the team went through every dormitory and room, talking to them in the process and sharing experiences.

The Higherlife Foundation Operations Director, Mrs. Gandiya, in her speech to the crowd gathered at Bumhudzo mentioned it is a great blessing to become an elderly member of society and with age comes great wisdom. Mrs. Gandiya went on to encourage the elderly residents to share their life experience and knowledge with the youth as the youth are our countries future.

The Higherlife Foundation Team helping with the cleaning
The Higherlife Foundation Team helping with cooking
The Higherlife Foundation Team conversing with the elderly

The afternoon that followed was filled with song and dance as the Higherlife foundation team celebrated life with the elderly and experience which one of the residents Gogo Angela Manjengwa said was so noble when she said “I’m grateful with the kind of love you have shown us, your time, your donations and even the interaction we are happy.”

Precious Mupati a student who was part of the Higherlife Foundation team also expressed her gratitude when she said; “It’s exciting to mix and mingle with the elderly as you can tell by their facial expressions that they are happy and feel important to be recognized. I feel good when I’m part of charity events.”


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